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Our Goal - Building Your Online Reputation

Our Goal

89% of consumers use the internet for purchase decisions. Your online presence is very important. Whether it’s a patient, employer, client, or colleague, they are researching you online.

We make you look great by creating, managing, and promoting you and your business on the web.

We specialize in your specific industry, and that makes a big difference. 
Let us help ensure your online presence is widely visible, positive, and memorable.


  • I have recently signed up with Opinionex and My Industry Brand to enhance my consulting work. They have modernized my web site and I have already obtained consulting work through them. I believe this will be an excellent partnership.

    – R.H.N. Fielden MD FRCSC

  • Thanks, Tamir.  The site looks great.
    I am very happy with it!

    – Bruce A. Stewart, M.D. / M.B.A. 


Affordable Web Design - Physicians, Doctors and Healthcare website


Your website represents your brand, and we make sure it leaves a positive lasting impression. We focus on your specific industry, and implement best practices to ensure the greatest impact. Expect innovative technologies and a site that is functional and intuitive.

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Social Media Marketing for Physicians, Doctors and Healthcare website at MIB

Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are highly effective ways to communicate with colleagues, clients, and customers. We create and manage your profile, provide updates, and distribute custom posts and messages. The results build credibility and increase sales.

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MIB |SEO and Reputation Management Service in Canada and USA

SEO and Reputation Management

Appear in search results with a strong positive brand and increase interest, leads, and sales. We implement On-Page and Off-Page SEO strategies to , create a compelling positive image, and minimize negative information.

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Exclusive Network for your Business

Writing and Design

Skilled writers and designers create messaging resulting in traffic to your website, and interest and attention. Some of the work we do includes logos, images, video and audio clips, web copy, press releases, blog posts, social media, articles, PPC, reviews, ads, thought pieces, biographies and profiles, emails & newsletters, B2B communication, and product descriptions.

Improve Brand Awareness with My Industry Brand

Public Relations

Turn you and your brand into headlines that resonate with your target audience and news that can’t be missed. We work with journalists, broadcasters, stylists, bloggers, and skillful social media editors to improve brand awareness. Improve your brand boost your business.

Internet Marketing Consulting for Physicians, Doctors and Healthcare Industry


We’ve worked with companies in different industries from start ups to over $100M in revenue. With experience helping clients sell practices with over 100 locations, raising millions in capital, and growing the bottom line, we are the right partner to help you determine what that next step is, and take it.

Exclusive Network for your Business

Exclusive Network

Be promoted in an exclusive network we built specifically to drive you business. Our team implements active inside and outside sales strategies ito drive interest in your products and services. We don’t wait for customers to come to you, we help bring them to your door.

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Improve Brand Awareness with My Industry Brand


Coaching will take your life, business or career to the next level of success. We work with various professions and individuals, ranging from Doctors/Physicians interested in a non-clinical career/opportunity, to senior executives looking to make a greater difference as leaders in their organizations, their families, their communities.

Internet Marketing Consulting for Physicians, Doctors and Healthcare Industry

Data Privacy, Security, Compliance

Let’s make sure to protect your critical and valuable data. In most cases, along with your reputation, it’s the your most valuable asset.


Curious about what we’re good at? Be curious no more! Check out the skill chart below to see exactly what we excel at.

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What We Do Best

Website Design and Development
SEO: On-page and off-page Search Engine Optimization
Logos and Print Material
Coffee Breaks
Social Media Marketing and Reputation Management
Funny Jokes
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Buy and Sell Side M & A - Buy or Sell a Business
HTML, PHP, CSS - Coding

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