Tips for a Good Dental Website

Get Your Dental Office in the Spotlight

Your dental website is your front-line business card. It’s the first impression of your business. So, there are things you should have to make your website stand out among the crowd. There is ever-growing competition for dental patients and you need a strong, authoritative dental website to keep you ahead of the game.
Basically to have a good dental website it must be: search engine friendly and a space that the prospective patient can actually book an appointment without the hassle. They also need to be able to sum you up from moment one on the website. So, a place where they know everything about your practice.
How do you specialize? What procedures do you do? Are you a one dentist firm or a dental group? Introduce them to your team to make things more personable. Have each person do a short bio and get the patient to know the staff before they get there. The whole point of that is to make them feel safe and secure. Familiarity and a down to earth, yet professional image will do that. Then last but not least you need to have a section demonstrating the technology you have.
If you have the latest for any procedure, you’ll need to show it. The best way to do that is in the FAQS section. Make it interesting and add your video of the technology into the FAQS page as well as a section all to itself. This is a way you can get those internal links going. Always make sure there are several calls to action and you are good to go building the practice wisely.
Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Organized Navigation

The organization of the navigation must be intuitive. Potential clients should be able to navigate easily. The main purpose of your dental website is to turn browsers into conversions. In order to do that, your prospective patient must be able to look for facts and subjects of interest with no effort.

2. Patient Education

For both your new and existing patients, there needs to be places where they are educated on what you offer. Not just as an advertisement but as an education about things like procedures and the latest technology you have to offer.

3. Optimized for Search Engines

Search engines must be able to find your website otherwise, as we said, it’s just a pretty piece of space junk that no one will find. It has to be built from moment one to be found by search engines and your digital marketer’s job is to be very aware of what the requirements of the search engine is to do that.

4. Easy to Contact or Setup Appointments

The prospective client will want to be able to contact you or make an appointment after business hours from the website. This will be helpful to those are working during business hours. Making an appointment can be challenging at that time for many. And the longer a patient has to wait to make an appointment the less likely that appointment will happen.

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