Why Social Media Marketing Is Important for Dentists

Don't Underestimate the Power of Social Media

We are currently living in an exciting digital era where we are connected to each other like never before. Almost every person in the developed world has a cellphone these days and each of those phones are connected to social media. Social media platforms drive engagement and are natural marketing goldmines.

Build Relationships

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn posts offer an opportunity to engage current patients and potential patients in a two-way discussion. With interesting, relevant content posted regularly, patients can interact with the dental office in a more personal way that builds loyalty to the practice. For best results, content should be a mix of oral health-related posts and local news. Keep in mind the interests of your audience and add information on upcoming area events, shows, weather, and the local sports teams.

Generate Referrals

The average Facebook user has 150 friends. When a fan interacts with your page, their friends can see this activity. This generates free advertising for the practice. A social media relationship helps keep the dental office “top of mind” for patients, so when a Facebook friend is looking for a dentist, patients can quickly recommend their dentist with a link to the practice’s Facebook page.

Attract New Patients

Social media ad campaigns can help dentists increase the audience for their pages, creating a pool of potential new patients. Target ads to the specific desired patient demographics to attract only qualified prospects and keep your advertising costs down.

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