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7 Most Important Pages of a Dental Website

Just having a website for your dental practice isn’t enough. You need to have a great website for your dental practice.Why? Because that’s what your patients expect. Even more important, it’s what people who are searching for a new dentist expect.
If you don’t provide the information people are looking for, they’ll find it somewhere else, probably on one of your competitors’ websites. In this article we are going to talk about seven of the most important (and often most overlooked) pages every dentist’s website needs.

1. The “About” Page

Based on our research and experience working with dentists across the world, the “About” page is the second-most visited page on a dentist’s website. Why? Because choosing a dentist is a very personal, difficult, confusing, and sometimes nerve-wracking process. How do prospective patients tell one dentist from another? What is the deciding factor that pushes a prospective patient to schedule his or her first appointment?
Often, it’s the “About” page that makes the difference. It’s here that prospective patients can make a personal connection with a dentist, learning about his or her education, experience, professional certifications and awards, and even personal background.

2. Payment Methods

There’s nothing more frustrating for prospective patients than finding a dentist they think they’ll love, calling to make an appointment, and then finding out that he or she doesn’t accept their insurance. By featuring a “Payment Methods” page prominently on your website, you can stop these frustrations before they start. Plus, you’ll minimize the time your front desk staff spends explaining your payment methods and policies to prospective patients.

3. New Patient Special

Your “New Patient Special” page is your opportunity to make an offer prospective patients can’t refuse. The lifetime value of a new dental patient can be incredibly high, so be generous with your new patient specials. Also, don’t just add your new patient special to the text of your practice’s homepage. Create a dedicated page and use search engine optimization to help this page rank highly in Google searches. You can also use this page as a landing page for Google AdWords, Facebook ads, and other online advertising campaigns.

4. Location/Hours

Where are you located and when are you open? Both current patients and prospective patients will thank you for making it easy to find your practice’s location(s) and business hours.

5. Appointment Page

If you offer online appointments, you’re doing your patients and staff a big favor. Your staff will spend less time scheduling appointments on the phone. Your patients will be able to request appointments when it’s convenient for them, without the need to make a phone call.

6. Testimonials

Glowing reviews and great testimonials can become your dental practice’s best marketing materials. Create a “Testimonials” page for your website where you can post a curated collection of your favorite reviews and testimonials.

7. Services Page

What are your specialties? Do you enjoy working with children? Is your focus on cosmetic dentistry? Do you offer pain-free laser periodontal treatments? Create a page for each major service you offer. These pages can rank well in Google search results and can be used as landing pages for your online marketing and advertising campaigns.

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